A random drug test is a drug screening that randomly selects groups of employees to undergo testing without prior warning. This test is taken to minimize any attempts of employees fooling drug tests.

An organization may carry out this test when they have a reason to believe that employees are abusing drugs and coming to work in a state that may jeopardize their safety and that of others.

They may also do this when they suspect that low productivity may be attributable to drug abuse.

This test is different from other drug screening tests in several ways. First of all, it is undertaken randomly, which is not the case with any other DOT drug tests.

Groups of employees are randomly selected to undergo the screening without prior knowledge. Random testing, otherwise known as ‘spot’ test, is conducted on an unannounced basis.

Another difference is that this test is not conducted on all employees, but every employee has an equal chance of getting selected to take part in this test.

What are the Features of this Test

For this test to be effective, a number of considerations have to be put in place, which include:

  1. There has to be a written company police that explains how this test is carried out. Employees need to be made aware of this as soon as they join the organization.
  2. Every employee needs to have an equal chance of being selected to take part in this test. This just means that there should not be bias. To achieve this, it may be useful to have a third-party carrying out this test,
  3. Random tests should be conducted when there is cause for suspicion.
  4. Federally approved labs should be used to conduct this test.
  5. Confidentiality needs to be ensured.
  6. There has to be adequate staff training and awareness on drug abuse.
  7. Random tests may also be conducted post-accidents when the company is obligated to compensate injured employees. In this case the test will be carried out to rule out the possibility of drug caused accidents.

What Are the Consequences of Failing Random Drug Test?

Organizations have different policies on how they deal with cases of failed drug screening. One thing though is that being under drugs while at work leads to gross misconduct.

This alone is enough to get you laid off at work. However, sometimes, it depends on the type of drug you are high on.

Some companies also investigate whether the said drug was taken while in or out of work, and some even consider the type of work you are charged with in the company.

Therefore depending on the company policies, an employee who tests positive may be subjected to disciplinary action that can include getting laid off. Other employers, on the other hand, help their employees by referring them to a specialist for treatment.

Note that marijuana is illegal in a good number of states in the US, while it is largely illegal under federal law. So testing positive for marijuana may land you in serious trouble with the law. There are a few tricks you can employ to help you pass a drug test, we shall be sharing this with you at the end of the article.

How Is Random Drug Testing Conducted

Random testing is conducted by a licensed independent medical lab that follows screening standards set by the state or federal government. The testing laboratory takes the urine samples.

Upon providing the samples, you will need to sign and verify your identity before leaving the testing center. Your privacy is guaranteed, and likewise, your sample should be protected from being tampered with or mixed up.

Your company is responsible for the cost of the test and will also compensate for the time spent off work.

Upon your sample being analyzed, the laboratory will retain it just in case you are displeased with the results and are seeking for a retest.

Should you suspect that your sample was tampered with, you have a right to contest the results and request for a repeat. Unfortunately, some companies will require you to pay for a repeat test.

Preparing for a Random Drug Screening

Preparing for this test is not as easy as preparing for other tests, as you do not know when they will come. But should you be randomly selected to take part in this test, handle it like you would any other test.

Understand why your company requires this test is paramount to your peace of mind. Be cooperative, and besides bringing your government issues ID with you on this day, bring in minimal items to the testing area.

Phones and wallets will be secured and returned to you when the specimen collection process is over.

Last minute efforts such as over hydrating or forcing yourself too pee are more likely to draw attention to your sample more than achieve anything helpful, so avoid this.

How to Pass a Random Drug Screening

The only sure way to pass this test is by first ensuring that you are not indulging in drugs.

Or you can ensure you quit them for a few weeks prior to the testing season, in case your company conducts random tests at specific intervals.

For the case of medicinal or recreational marijuana, then allow your body some time to detox once you have been notified of an impending random screening in a few days.

While on detox, invest in home testing kits to inspect yourself from time to time, as to whether you are fit for the spot test or not.

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