I want to pass on a little wisdom that I discovered recently. Drug tests can easily get in the way of what you do in your private life, so I’ve started using Green Tea. The great thing about it is it’s a natural way to beat the test according to THCDetox. If that sounds like music to your ears, then read on guys…

First things first, we need to understand what the tests are looking for and how they work. Once we know that then we can figure out natural ways to beat them!

Basics of Marijuana Detection

When you want to test clean, you need to think about the levels of THC metabolites that are present in your urine. The testers will call you clean if your sample gives less than 50 ng/ml which provides us with a target to shoot for.

The other thing they do is measure your creatinine as a marker to check you’re not trying to pull a fast one. It’s an excellent marker for them to use because it is derived from muscle metabolism; so we’ll need to think about that too.

Now let’s jump to my little bit of wisdom that I think could help you out…

My Method

Step 1: No Pot for 48 hours

The first thing you’re going to need to do is, abstain from weed for two days before your test. If you love the green stuff, then this will be easier said than done, but I’ve done it! Also, make sure you know your testing date so you don’t get caught out by a surprise test as this method can’t be sped up.

Step 2: No Food for 48 hours

While you’re abstaining from cannabis, you’re going to have to give up food too. That may put you in a bit of a foul mood, but it’ll be worth it believe me. Just think of that celebratory burger after your urine is clean, and it’ll keep you going!

Step 3: Constant Green Tea for 48 hours

Now you need to seriously pound that green tea. I’m not talking about that watered down Lipton’s stuff. I’m talking green to the core WholeFoods stuff. It’s the only stuff that will get the job done so don’t skimp on it okay?

The Truth

Green Tea Makes You Go…A Lot

Green Tea may taste great, but it’s a diuretic which means it’s going to make you pee out more than you put in (1). This means that you’re going to need to pay careful attention to your hydration levels throughout my process. If you don’t, then you’re going to fail the test and feel terrible.

You Have Got to Watch What Else You Drink

Too much of a good thing is never good if you know what I mean. Just because Green Tea is diuretic doesn’t mean you should be guzzling caffeine just because it can produce similar effects. Too much at the same time as this method will be a definite red flag to the testers and can cause dehydration and kidney failure (2).

This is a Dilution Method – No Bullshit

We all know that drinking water doesn’t increase the excretion of THC from your body (3). A diuretic makes you wee more water out and more frequently. Because you’ll be pounding it day and night, all we’re doing is diluting that fluid, so the testers don’t measure as much THC in your sample pot.

How Quickly Do You Need to Drink?

This is where the science comes in okay guys; stay with it though because it’s dead easy. Your body produces about 50 ml/hour of wee; this will vary from person to person, but it’s a good average. If you take in excess water, then your body will start excreting more until it’s working at its maximum capacity of approximately 500 ml/hour.

The very fastest your body can work will be an excretion rate of 1 L/hour so drinking more Green Tea than that per hour is pretty wasteful. Plus, it’s a diuretic which means it’s designed to strip the water out and get you urinating hard and fast.

If you can pass out ten times as much as usual, then your sample will be ten times more dilute. This will make it easier to pass, but there are also a few ways you can still get caught. Read on guys…

Fail to Prepare = Prepare to Fail

If you don’t heed the following advice, then you may as well just light up in the testing room and be done with it. It may sound daunting checking all this stuff, but I’ve done it guys, and it isn’t that hard okay?

Crystal Clear Wee

If you drink like there’s no tomorrow and your pee is totally transparent, then an eagle-eyed tester may suspect cheating. Stick to the hydration rate above to avoid arousing suspicion.

Creatinine is a Grind

This little chemical comes out in your water as a result of muscle metabolism and is a marker for kidney function. If it’s below 20 ng/dL, then they’ll call foul on you and accuse you of diluting your sample. Get some testing strips and use the results to guide your Green Tea intake (4).

You’ll Piss Hot in the Morning

Your body has been busy excreting THC overnight and needs to let it out. Make sure you go at least twice before going to the test otherwise you’ll fail no matter how much Green Tea you down.

Specific Gravity

The last thing you need to know about are electrolytes (5). They’re chemicals dissolved in your water that will change its density depending on how concentrated they are.

If the specific gravity or your urine is low, then you’ll be flagged for possible dilution. Stick to my 0.5 L per hour working guide and spread that out evenly over the hour and you’ll be sorted.

All you’ve got to do is stay smart, and the testers will think you’re clean!

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