My love for weed has had me tottering on the brink of self-destruction. A few months back, my supervisor at work somehow noticed my slackness in duty. My regular input dived, due to too much reliance on Marijuana. He never confronted me immediately, but I could tell for a couple of days he had much of my attention everywhere I went.

I blushed that aside, terming the thoughts unfocused. Later, in the afternoon our department was called for a brief meeting. The most dreaded information I never anticipated happened when the supervisor announced drug test for all of us coming weekend. It was a Monday and I knew I had to do something- and fast. I couldn’t wait to get home and talk to Tony- my elder brother and best friend- about my predicament.

You see, Tony has always rescued me countless times- way back from my troubled days back in school- and his sometimes weird suggestions work. And true to form, he had a prompt solution: “Get Niacin and clear that stuff from your blood” I literary flew to my neighboring store and ordered for Niacin- hopeful but anxious.

Why I Decided To Try Niacin Remedy

I knew a sack was in the offing, and I couldn’t afford to lose my job. After all, I had been fired by my previous employer after I was caught in a random drugs test. Plus I had heard John- the supervisor who recommended my previous sacking suggesting that he dreaded Niacin because of how it hides traces of weed.

Now, the idea was to conduct a self-test. If it worked, my boss would be one unlucky fellow- he would never nail me! And if it didn’t, I would have around four more days of testing and rinsing.

What Did I Do

The seller gave instructions on how to use the drug: I was to avoid taking a heavy meal, especially with a lot of fat. I was also to take my meals prior to ingesting Niacin to prevent potential stomach ache. And take it about 6 hours before the urine examination.

The pill was in capsule form, and I was determined to get rid of any Marijuana effect in me. I finally swallowed the Niacin capsule and waited. Afterward, I gradually drunk 4 liters of water meaning my stomach was full in no time.

What Happened

After few minutes had passed, a burning sensation began on my scalp, down to the ears before settling on the face turning it red. The feeling was scary as I never expected the surprise flush. In the process of the foreign feeling within me, loo became a friend with many frequents. I urinated until the last bits turned clear.

  • By 11.00 pm, I would be testing- Tony’s self-testing Kit would be the judge.
  • At 10.00 pm, I swallowed another 100 GM of Niacin.

Since I had urinated too much and my urine was very clear (clarity makes testing teams to suspect cheating)- I had to try a concept I had heard about earlier. So I took a vitamin B-complex multivitamin (100 mgs) 2 hours before the test since it averts any suspicion of diluting.

At 11, I finally dipped my testing compound into my urine and waited for results. And you know what? It gave me a single control line meaning I was as guilty as charged. And that Naicin didn’t work- despite all the hype. This was also the first time my otherwise reliable troubleshooter Tony had failed me!

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